Friday 28 April 2023

(April 2023 Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money


April 2023 Returns: 9.63%

Year to Date Returns: 14.76%

Since Inception (9 Sept 2020) Returns: 63.21%

Much of April Returns came from Propnex that had a bonus issue and went ex-dividend. However it endured a volatile trading day on 27 April when property cooling measures were announced. 

My quick thoughts / reactions from the measures is that it seems to be shooting a bazooka at the wrong target. While the biggest increase in ABSD comes from trustees and foreigners, they do not account for large amount of transactions. As such, it is likely that they would consider becoming a PR or consider renting instead. With the rental market already hot and expensive, this would likely drive it up.

1 Theory Crafting is that this might result in lesser expat expansion into Singapore as this would mean that for them to set up company and settle here is now more expensive and as such they might consider other countries to set up their operations.

I do not believe that the HDB hitting 1 million dollars + and the increase in people buying resale / private housing instead of waiting for a  5-6 years for a BTO is actually due to these trustees or foreigners. As such i believe its just trying to prevent any weird huge influx of foreign buyers or just encouraging people to get PR and then purchase instead.

I just think its quite sad for the Singapore Generation these days. Whether one switches job to get a higher pay or gets promoted and say an increment of 7 to 15%, i just wonder if that is ever enough to purchase a house anymore. 

1 of my favorite sad truths i use when people ask why i am not attached is that 'I am ugly and my salary is low as such i don't think its correct for me to think about this as the partner and any children in future would likely suffer.' Of course the truth is i don't have any intention to get attached so i don't think about it but i know the sad truth still exist.

As such, Propnex will see some sale reduction but if prices keep going upwards, their commission which is in % will also be subsequently higher. I believe there should be a more targeted absd coming soon unless the elections might play a part in the decision making.

As for the rising house prices, its just a sad sight to see.

Back to Portfolio and Changes. I have decided to trim Propnex and replace YZJ Fin Holdings with Huationg Global

I will probably write about it in some detail when i have more time. Currently i am fifty-fifty on it but my gambler hunch will say lets go with it.

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