Saturday 31 October 2020

(October Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money


*Cash level is at 798.5 due to dividends of 366 from KSH and 100 from UMS.

Excel Portfolio Continues to grow despite a horrendous and volatile October. 
At End Oct, 6.84% Growth Since inception.
At End Sept, it was 4.06% Growth Since inception

With Ifast and Propnex being the key generators of returns. The rest of the stocks definitely retreated.

Among the news, KSH reported a profit guidance which is unsurprising due to the circuit breaker period.

In terms of market trends, there seems to be the usual fears of covid lockdowns, election fears as well as locally economic numbers such as unemployment is not healthy.

Traditionally a very volatile period, but it might not be bad to pick up bargains. Hopefully November would be better.

No changes will be made at the end of October. This is because i have not seen any thing that might make me decide to change any of the positions.

Monday 12 October 2020

An attempt to understand property management companies in china

An example of Property Management Staff

Initially did a write up but i realized its too long for the blog. 
As such I have saved it in a pdf for downloading and viewing.
The pdf is roughly 12 pages.

The link has been attached below.     

Contents include

1) What is property management in China?

2) The business model of property management

3) How do property management companies get contracts?  

4) What is the risk of residents self-managing the properties instead of the property management company doing it?

5) Why are we only discussing about property management companies now?

6) Who are the biggest players in the industry? Are they listed?  

7) Valuation, Pros and Cons of Property Management ,

8) How I would evaluate one.