Sunday 2 April 2023

First 3 Months Return of 2023 = 10.71%

 First 3 Months Return of 2023 = 10.71%

The main reason why i am posting this is i believe that it will trend lower so it's just me selfishly posting it before it drops.

Reasons for it to likely trend lower
1) AAG Energy Meeting on 27 April. Currently it is 40% of my portfolio. Assuming the lowball deal goes through then it will add 4% to overall gains while if it falls through, it depends on market perception of the price in the short term. It could fall 20-30% which means that it will inflict a 8 to 12% on my portfolio and reverse the gains made.

My current plans is to add on failure and if it sadly succeeds then i will have to go back to the playbook to find a stock to deploy into but this means higher risk and as such returns are likely to trend lower as well.

Performance Thoughts

I think 10.71% performance is way too good for this 3 months. Considering the sizing / decisions / effort that i could have put in more but i was busy with other stuff.
Mostly SGX- Related Calls went bad but my next purchase if i had the funds to would also be SGX Related. When the time comes i will think about it again whether it would be sgx or hkex stock

2 Stocks that definitely produced mixed performance on my portfolio is Justin Allen and Winox Holdings

Justin Allen did not continue with the growth of pieces manufactured year on year but recorded better profits and margin with an eye on expansion therefore slightly reducing the dividend declared

Winox Holdings recorded slightly better profit but 2H 22 was slightly poorer than 2H 21. This was kind of expected as they have been hit by the lockdowns and had to volunteer to do covid test as well. The slight concern is the push back of the expansion project of factory but the mitigating factor is a higher dividend declared and margins / profits are better despite lower revenue.

Will probably go back to monitor these 2 companies when i am free but then again i am unlikely to make any purchases in these 2 companies before the 27 April AAG Meeting unless i see any revolutionary news or drastic drop in price.

(One of the reasons why i am busy recently)

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