Thursday 31 December 2020

(December Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money

A minor retracement in December as IFast and Top Glove tumbled. However, Propnex continues to deliver. 

Returns since its inception in September this year amounts to 10.61%.

Nevertheless, despite some thoughts on changing out Top Glove, I have decided to continue holding it in the portfolio as I do not think that the demand of gloves is likely to go off any soon.

Meanwhile, I remain moderately positive on Hanwell delivering in Late February/ Early March. 

Monday 14 December 2020

G.H.Y CULTURE & MEDIA – Time to 一路向北? IPO Review

The conclusion in a picture


This will be a more light-hearted and less serious analysis of the upcoming IPO. Hence the timing of this post.

The 3rd IPO on the mainboard this year. 

Public Application is from 11 December 9pm to 16 December 12pm.


G.H.Y Culture & Media ‘s business can be broken down into 4 Segments

1) Television Program and Flim Production

2) Concert Production and Management

3) Talent Management Services

4) Costume, Props and Make-up Services

At an IPO Price of $0.66 per share, this results in a market cap of 708.7 million as there will be 1,073,792,000 shares outstanding post IPO.


As the company is newly formed, with a short history tracking back to only 2018. It has earned 12.4 million in FY 2019 and 13.0 million in Half Year of 2020. This translates to a PE of 57 based of 2019 numbers.

Based off a 26 million earning in FY 2020 (13*2), this translates to a PE of 27. Which is a reasonable valuation based off good growth numbers seen in its short track record.

However, this analysis is too unrealistic as 超人不会飞. The business segments of this company are largely project based and not a stable business volume throughout the year.

Business Segment

% of 2019 Revenue

% of 2019 Segment Results

% of 6M 2020 Revenue

% of 6M 2020 Segment Results

Television Program and Flim Production





Concert Production and Management





Talent management service income


12% (with costume segment )


1.83% (with costume segment )

Costume, make-up and props services


12% (with talent management segment )


1.83% (with talent management segment )


Concert Segment has done very well this year. Much thanks to 周杰伦 嘉年华 世界巡回演唱会 新加坡站 in January 2020 which was pre-covid. Following the Covid-19 that occurred after that, it would be safe to say that this segment would not be contributing in 2H 2020.


In terms of television program productions, the company undergoes productions based on 3 revenue models

1)       Customer like TV Company engages them to produce a drama/flim. In this case they charge a production fee.

2)       Develop their own drama/flim then selling it to customer for a fixed fee. In this method, the cost and risk are more on the company.

3)       Develop their own drama/flim then selling it to customer for a variable fee. Based on user clicks or viewership for each episode.

Based off 2019 and 2020 trends. (2) is the most common method used by the group. Although in 2020 it has ventured to (3).

In terms of balance sheet, it looks stable and fine. Although I am quite surprised by the bank borrowings of 4.35% to 5.01%. Even though its not a huge amount, the short-term bank loans at such a rate might signify that pre-ipo the company appears to be a huge risk to the banks.

What I like about the company

1)     Strong Know-how in the Business – The CEO himself is a director of flims and produces his own flims. Has been in the industry for over 20 years and therefore should not be remote to producing flims and budgeting it. Being in the China industry means that he does not need to break into the China industry and understand the red tapes.

2)     Strong Board Members- Non-Executive Director and Substantial Shareholder Mr Yang Jun Rong is well respected in the music industry. Known as 荣哥, he is Jay Chou’s manager and is possibly 1 reason why the rights of Jay Chou’s Concerts would be given to GHY Culture Media. As the saying goes, 做生不如做熟.  He also owns 45% of JVR Music. Fans of Jay Chou will not be unfamiliar to that name as it is the company that releases music by Jay Chou.

3)    Strong Flim and Drama Pipeline upcoming. With 4 projects released in 2H 2020 as well as 6 productions in 2H 2020. Coupled with 1 release and 7 productions in 2021, it is safe to say that the pipeline not spectacular growth is already strong. With more funds following the IPO, the company is likely able to undertake more project and grow their profitability.

What I Dislike about the company

1)       Unfortunately results for this year is unlikely to be as good even though it might show growth from last year. This is due to Covid 19 making concerts obsolete in the 2H of 2020. This means that the IPO is priced at a very steep PE. Assuming a more realistic full year earnings of 20 million. It’s a PE of roughly 35. Which is acceptable assuming concerts do return in 2021.

2)       Need for listing? Well I guess this company is doing quite well on its own and with strong connections in the industry, the need for listing might not be needed in fact.

3)       Concert Management Revenue for Non Jay Chou Concerts are not as spectacular. With only 1 concert in 2019, the revenue came in at 1.2m and segment result being 0.469m. This means that the company will have to undertake more concert managements should there be no 周董效率(Jay Chou Effect)


Some Mojito thoughts

2 Jay Chou Concerts in Singapore netted 14m in Revenue and 8m in Segment Results. Should Jay Chou tour China, 1 would wonder how much he can earn based on touring each city. This should be bombastic.

2 upcoming concerts in Malaysia and Australia in 2021. Should they both happen, it would help in contributing to the bottom-line a lot.


Some 发如雪 thoughts

People would like to take unusual productions and mm2 productions to compare towards GHY Culture and Media. However, although both are media and concert production companies, it is safe to say they are vastly different.

Unusual Productions is by far a larger player in Singapore. MM2 focuses more on South East Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong flim productions. MM2 has also embarked on a more comprehensive value chain model by integrating VR content production and Cinemas in its business. Although the flip side is that this had made MM2 more asset heavy and it has also took on more debt at a larger cost.

At this current moment, GHY Culture and Media is not looking like MM2 nor Unusual Productions.


I believe this IPO is a hit and run IPO. There seems to be strong demand and a small public tranche. With Half Year 2020 already beating 2019 Results, it might induce people to apply.

At current valuations, it must show that it is able to undertake more projects and allow them to be at a profitable scale as current before I would be convinced that it is worth such valuations.

Of course, opportunities such as a Jay Chou China Tour could happen and form the tailwinds to this company.

But it will be good to see the company getting involved in more concert productions in China and Singapore apart from Jay Chou Concerts. I believe that will be where the growth will come from. But until I see something more concrete, I would have to refrain 千里之外 and 安静的听妈妈的话. 等待说好的幸福. 希望驚嘆號会在给我一首歌的时间后出现.

Tuesday 1 December 2020

(November Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money

With news of a vaccine coming out in November, most stocks have rallied in the portfolio as a return to value is seen in the month. Among all, Propnex, Centurion and UMS have performed very well. 

Total Return since the start of the portfolio on 9 Sept is 11.45%

Stocks that have seen retracement include Top Glove and iFast.

Top Glove being a victim of the vaccine news and it has encountered some company problems as it workers have caught covid and it has spreaded within its factories affecting its productions.

IFast being a stock that has done well during the Covid Period has seen a small sell-down.

In terms of results release,  Powermatic, UMS and Propnex all released their results in November

Powermatic- Stable results. Increase in inventory might signal something good in 2H

UMS- Continues the trend of good results. Dividend announcement a slight surprise but full year should remain good with semiconductor demand strong.

Propnex- Stable Results despite recent news of HDBs possible measures and it remains to be seen how Q4 will be affected by tightening controls on the re-issuance of options-to-purchase. 

Despite the influx of cash and the above occuring, there will be no changes to the portfolio at end of November.

At December, Top Glove will report its results, that will probably be a deciding point of whether Top Glove will be rotated out.

Sunday 22 November 2020

Credit Bureau Asia Limited IPO . To Apply or Not?

Some Basic Info(Apologies if they are not as accurate)

Listing Date: 3 December 2020

Offer Price: 0.93 SGD (93 cents)

Enlarged Share Capital: 230,390,000 Shares

Implied Market Cap : $214,262,700

Offer Size: Around 58 million Shares

Public Offer : 1,500,000 Shares

Dividends: At least 90% of net profit after tax for FY 2021 and FY 2022

Prospectus can be found here

Financial Info

Historic PE: 30.6

Half Year Implied PE: 28.9

Company Info

A company that speciliazes in credit reports. Providing to financial institutions and non financial institutions. Some of its customers include local banks as well as Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau.

These credit reports are needed for loan approvals as well as assessing an individual/ entity for their ability to undertake a loan.

The company has Singapore, Malaysia , Cambodia and Myanmar exposure. However, it has disposed off its Malaysia Unit as it was loss-making.

Perhaps unsurprising as well, Singapore contributes the most revenue and profit to the company. This is due to its market leadership in Singapore and Singapore being the most developed market among the 2.

What I Like about this Company

1) Relatively Resilient Line of Business

-Rain or Shine, loans will be needed and there will be a need to assess if loans are needed. As such there will always be a good demand for credit reports and related services. This can be seen in its Half Year Revenue which was largely stable despite Covid 19 and circuit breaker.

2) Dominant Market Leader in FI Data Business

-Company has 99.9% of market share in the FI Data Business. Being the market leader, it is likely that the revenue stream will be stable as the rival in this case is too far behind.

The company has also won the tender of operating the Moneylenders Credit Bureau from Ministry of Law. This will allow the company to further expand its reach in the FI Data Business as the current bureau is operated by its rival Experian. The tender victory would allow for a higher information sharing as more members are added.

3) Exposure to Myanmar and Cambodia 

-Both are developing countries, with economy picking up in the future, the need for such credit reports would likely increase as well. This would bode well for Credit Bureau Asia as it is able to take advantage of the rise in affluence. On top of that Cambodia has been profitable since 2017

4) Organic Growth Seen

From 35.6 million in 2017 to 40.6 million in 2019. Its a decent 14% growth across 2 years. Despite Singapore being a relatively developed market already. As such, in a normal year, attaching a growth of 5-7% seems to be fair.

To add on, it has only about 43% market share of the Non FI Data Business(54 million estimated in 2019), which means should it gain market share and maintain margins, the growth can be higher than 7%

What I Dislike about the company

1) Structure of the company

-With 51% ownerships and joint venture structures, it has resulted in the company's non controlling interest earning bulk of the company's profits.

A deeper dig will reveal its other owners sharing the profits are large data companies like Dun & Bradstreet(2017 Revenue 1.74 billion USD) as well as Equifax (2019 Revenue 3.5 billion USD)

As such, one would wonder if these big companies decide to work with someone else, where would Credit Bureau Asia be? Since Credit Bureau Asia is unlikely to be a big fry to these companies.

2) The need for listing

-Looking at the balance sheet, the company does not seem to have a purpose for listing. It does not seem to have any financial difficulties. It has also not used any debt so far.

-It even paid out at least 10m each year. Which does not seem to indicate that they have any plans for a big expansion or acquiring a big rival or upwards/downwards intergration. Since if they would it is likely they would store cash instead

3) Malaysia Losses

-Malaysia has been unprofitable in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Although the company cited reason was competition from multiple players in the credit and risk information solutions industry in Malaysia, it is a good reminder that the company is not always successful to breaking into another country and the Non FI Data Business is still competitive even in Singapore as well.


-I feel that its worth applying, though its not for a long term hold. Probably just flipping on hype and craze as well as the markets recovering well in recent times.

-The small public offer will make placement shares look attractive and some folks might want to get into the market as it offers a dividend yield(around 3% likely) that is resilient

-In terms of long term prospects, i don't expect high growth of 30-40% in revenue year on year. However I think 5 to 10% each year will likely be possible. The growth will have to come from Cambodia and Myanmar in due course if things go the right way.

-As it is one of a kind IPO in SGX, there is no comparative PE to attach to. It would be unwise to compare it to the companies it is partnering as those companies have the scale and know-how.

-If i have to force fit a comparison, probably Vicom would be a company i would compare to due to its defensive nature. Hence a PE of about 20 would be ideal.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Thoughts on the Market Today (10 November 2020)

Markets Rally upon vaccine news. 

However, the rally is mostly sectorial based, with losses seen in some sectors.

Some would realise the gain on STI is larger than HSI. This is probably due to the sectorial mix. STI had more beneficiaries of the rally (mainly banks)

Key Beneficiaries of the Rally

Airlines and Aviation related (E.g SIA and SATS)

Banks (E.g OCBC, DBS , UOB)

Hotels (E.g City Development, Amara)

Tourism (E.g Straco, Genting Singapore)

Property (E.g City Development, Frasers Property)

Key Losers of the Rally

Glove Companies (E.g Top Glove, Riverstone)

Healthcare Related (E.g Medtecs, Vicplas Intl)

Tech Companies (E.g Tencent)

Tech Manufacturing (E.g AEM)

Property Management (E.g KWG Living, CC New Life)

E-Commerce (E.g Alibaba, JD)

Game Companies (E.g IGG)


Basically, apart from Property Management, the rest can be classified by Old Economy vs New Economy related. 

Its quite subjective for Property Management to be classified in either one since it does not rally today nor does it rally largely when new economy counters rally.

Although my view remains that today is probably a one-off and a reverse might occur based on information released in the following weeks or months.

In the near future should people be able to travel, it should reduce demand of the New Economy but not render it obsolete. The thought of vaccine news out yesterday affecting someone to not shop on 11:11 later or tomorrow does not really make much sense.


In such cases, I would stick back to looking at fundamentals.

The presence of vaccine should reduce the excess demand for gloves, but it will still be needed for administering of vaccines.

The presence of vaccine should release pent-up demand for travelling but does not mean that games and ecommerce would grind to a halt.

The trend of increased usage property management because of the convenience they brought in and the growth of property sector in China albeit slower should still stand. Rain or Shine,  a roof over the heads of people would still be required.

Tech Manufacturing should still continue as continued affluence should lead to increased use of tech products.

Similarly, just because one can fly in 2021(if possible), it does not mean that all hotels and airlines would return to profitability. One must consider the price wars that might happen between airlines. As well as the price wars between hotels. Next, another consideration will be the environment the hotels operate in. A company operating in a country with more people being vaccinated would most likely do better than a company operating in a country with little or no people being vaccinated yet.

If travelling returns but economy being a laggard does not recover due to lower numbers of travelling or unemployment being slow to pick up, interest rates are unlikely to see a raise anytime soon and hence it would likely mean lesser bottom-line for banks. Would this warrant an all time high for banks any time soon?  Fortunately, Banks are not anywhere near their all time high yet. But it is some food for thought

Would SIA look cheap even if it returns back to 2019 earnings at the current price? It probably would trade at a higher PE now then before its rights. But it just rallies as per the broad news.

Overall: Things may look very attractive as everyone starts pricing in a sooner than expected recovery. But whenever such things happen, it means that there is a higher chance of more volatility when the pricing in is wrong after more information is released.

Saturday 31 October 2020

(October Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money


*Cash level is at 798.5 due to dividends of 366 from KSH and 100 from UMS.

Excel Portfolio Continues to grow despite a horrendous and volatile October. 
At End Oct, 6.84% Growth Since inception.
At End Sept, it was 4.06% Growth Since inception

With Ifast and Propnex being the key generators of returns. The rest of the stocks definitely retreated.

Among the news, KSH reported a profit guidance which is unsurprising due to the circuit breaker period.

In terms of market trends, there seems to be the usual fears of covid lockdowns, election fears as well as locally economic numbers such as unemployment is not healthy.

Traditionally a very volatile period, but it might not be bad to pick up bargains. Hopefully November would be better.

No changes will be made at the end of October. This is because i have not seen any thing that might make me decide to change any of the positions.

Monday 12 October 2020

An attempt to understand property management companies in china

An example of Property Management Staff

Initially did a write up but i realized its too long for the blog. 
As such I have saved it in a pdf for downloading and viewing.
The pdf is roughly 12 pages.

The link has been attached below.     

Contents include

1) What is property management in China?

2) The business model of property management

3) How do property management companies get contracts?  

4) What is the risk of residents self-managing the properties instead of the property management company doing it?

5) Why are we only discussing about property management companies now?

6) Who are the biggest players in the industry? Are they listed?  

7) Valuation, Pros and Cons of Property Management ,

8) How I would evaluate one.


Wednesday 30 September 2020

(Sept Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money


Continuation of the previous post. The portfolio's results for September has came in.

Returns came in at 4.06%. Pretty good for an imaginary portfolio set up on 9 Sept.

Main driver of returns came from Hanwell and Top Glove.
There would be no changes made to the portfolio as of 30 September.
Awaiting to see how it does in October.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money

Unfortunately i do not have the amount currently. But if i did it would look something like this.


Ums- In my opinion its a stable semi-conductor play with decent dividends. One of the few companies that has produced better results during the covid landscape as well.

Propnex- In the low interest rate landscape, the text book answer would be property. However choosing pure play developers are too difficult and might require more groundwork into various projects held by different developers. As such, it might not be bad to go with the market leader in the middle man industry of property in sg.....Propnex.

Yanlord Land- Cheap in book value terms, my personal bias is china property even though there has been recent curbs whereby the government is likely to set some restrictions such as net gearing has to be below 100% and unrestricted cash/ short- term debts has to be more than 1. The gross margins of Yanlord will come down but its sales volume has been increasing which is encouraging.

Top Glove- I added it for some thrill, personally its just allocating a part of the money to thrills. Though its not a position if i purchase, i would hold for a longer term than 9 months.

Powermatic Data- The 5G growth story should still hold despite a weaker 2H than 1H, while the recent capital reduction has somewhat been lackluster, earnings improvement should be the key driver in driving the value of the share price. 

 Ifast- Probably one of the most used portal to purchase funds, bonds etc. It has tremendous offerings on its portal and has been expanding in not just Singapore as well. Along side a possible digital banking license approval would likely mean that it becomes a one-stop financial services platform. The growth in assets under administration ( 12.5% in 6 months) is very remarkable. Recurring net revenue have shown growth which is good in adding consistency to its earnings 

Hanwell- Under valued consumer goods play with packaging business in china that i particularly like a lot(tat seng). The recent buying of shares by insider at 23.5 cents has caught my attention as well. 

Centurion- Did not declare a dividend in 1H despite stable results. Probably was the right thing to do as covid circling around its dorms had been talk of the town in 2020. I predict there will be stricter policies in the dormitories and companies such as centurion who are prepared will be able to take advantage of this by either charging a higher price as competitors are not allowed to operate due to being unable to meet the policies or centurion might be given more contracts to mange more quick build dormitories. The fact that Centurion has won the contract by JTC and there is a need for such dormitories is likely an indicator of demand for dormitories is present and centurion is probably a good supplier.

Tuan Sing - Recent proposed disposal of 39 Robinson Road will bring in a decent profit of around 1/3 of its market cap currently.  The company is definitely worth more than its share price currently although it remains to be seen when more value will be realized. 1 example will be its Gul Tech that has done well in china recently.

KSH - As mentioned before in a post some time back,  the gaobeidian thesis is still there although it will likely take a long period before all units are sold and as such the gains have to be 'discounted' in a way. It has moved into doing property developments via joint ventures and associated to obtain a higher margin. The main bread and butter business of construction has had solid order books although what the margins will be remains to be seen. Tender Price index have recovered since the lows of 2017 hence it remains to be seen if the recovery in tender price will improve margins. This company would be my pick among the construction companies as it has ventured into property development, has the highest exposure to gaobeidian and did not diversify too much into unrelated business such as education etc.

Wednesday 26 August 2020