Monday 31 July 2023

(July 2023 Results) How i would invest in the singapore stock market if i had 100k of spare money

July 2023 Returns: 6.00%

Year to Date Returns: 27.75%

Since Inception (9 Sept 2020) Returns: 81.69%

From June to July, the biggest mover in the portfolio would be Centurion and Powermatic Data.

On the results / business updates front, TC Auto has once again done it again as they continue to publish a profit warning. 

YTD Returns looks satisfactory as the portfolio continues to try its best after a bad 2022. 

Across this month, I have attended the Centurion SGX Sharing as well as the Powermatic AGM. I have been very impressed with both sessions and it has enforced my believe in holding these 2 positions in the portfolio

Particularly with Powermatic, i like their idea of finally taking steps to attempt to realize the value of the building. At least we can tell that the finishing line for this value appreciation would be in 2-4 years time. 

For the year that has just past, i believe Powermatic Data did well despite having to do some impairments for orders that was done 2 years ago. They have also explained that the orders were pushed back and 30+% of the inventory has been cleared and therefore 1 can expect some one-off improvements in gross profit for that portion of inventory cleared.

Moving forward, with the chip situation alleviated, i believe it would reduce inventory risk for the company.

While not everyone might have been convinced with the takeaways from the AGM, i took away more positives than negatives.

With all companies apart from Powermatic Data and KSH reporting in August, it will likely be volatile days ahead for the portfolio.

I have decided to deploy the 2% idle cash into Huationg Global. 

The update portfolio would look as follows.

Friday 7 July 2023

3 Stocks i would consider if suddenly spare money appeared

As a filler post, i would be sharing 3 stocks that are not in my portfolio currently that i would consider if suddenly someone appeared with spare money and asked me to buy something that is not in my portfolio currently.

I have posted them on facebook for easier viewing so i will just attach the hyperlink below.

1) Lam Soon HK (HKEX: 411) Facebook Post can be found here

2) Chu Kong Shipping (HKEX:560) Facebook Post can be found here

3) Baguio Green (Hkex: 1397). Facebook Post can be found here

Ranking them in terms of Balance Sheet, 

1) Lam Soon as it has lots of spare cash

2) Chu Kong Shipping as its cash covers liabilities 

3) Baguio as it has borrowings and current ratio looks dangerous

Ranking them in terms of Earnings Estimation (Self)

1) Baguio as it has contracts on hand 

2) Lam Soon as i strongly believe they have hit the floor in their recent half year results 

3) Chu Kong as they have many segments and have wide earnings volatility

To sum up the 3 companies in terms of the rabbit and turtle race,

Lam Soon - A Grand-Uncle Level Ninja Turtle that just got heavily smacked by a rock but survived

Baguio - A Ninja Turtle that has overtook a rabbit (Johnson Holdings) by showing its quality.

Chu Kong - Rabbits and Turtle mixed together, its hard to tell if it has more rabbit and turtle or not.  Cause if it does well for 1H 2023, its totally understandable and likely on the back of the sea tourism travel between HK, Macau, China. But if it does not, it is likely due to other segments volatility and profitability level has not been reached for its sea tourism.

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