Friday 10 May 2024

8th Year of Blogging (Why K-Pop Is A Turning Point In My Life)

Just checked my records. Started in 2018 April. Now we are in 2024 May. Time really flew by. 

I feel ok to share about a story on Why K-Pop Is A Turning Point In My Life

I happen to come across an old blog post that i wrote in 2018

2018 2H will always be a very dark period for myself. 

In 1H 2022 , Fresh out of University after making 2nd Upper on the last semester, i thought life will be smooth sailing as i can find a job that pays around the average based off graduate surveys and slowly climb from there while building up my portfolio that i have done well. 84.27% Returns as of 2018 June

Then in 2H 2022, the dark period came. Many Interviews but landed none of the jobs. I thought to myself my portfolio is doing well, i still can afford to wait and meanwhile grow my wealth. Then came a lot of bad decisions in investing. I ended up at starting 2019 Jan with 17.5% returns. The demotivation was so much that you could see me writing about investing much lesser.

In Early 2019, i was really lost and just trying to refine my investing or look at trying various styles but motivation to buy was largely sapped up.

Fortunately returns bounced up a little in 2019. But still far from the peak of 2018. Then came what i believe to be one of my turning points in my life. 

(The concert that is probably the biggest turning point)

At this point i was not very into K-POP but just generally listening time to time. A friend told be about Lovelyz concert in Singapore and asked me if i was keen to attend. Despite not hearing the group or their songs before, i said ok.

It turns out to be one of the best K-POP concerts i went in Singapore. Even though it was small crowd and small performing venue, the performance was good. I was blown away. 

Leaving the venue with newfound motivation, i told myself i need to get my act together so i can attend future Lovelyz Concerts. 

I was still close to 40% from my previous peak in 2018. 

(End 2019: 68.2%)
Eventually, with motivation, luck and to a smaller extent hardwork (luck is always important), i manage to recover well. It was within a week after the concert that i bought into shares of a SGX Company that has given me the highest returns in terms of % so far. 


Purchase Date : 20 March 2019. 
Purchase Price: 0.75
Dividends Collected: 0.47
Delisting Price: 3.50
Delisting Date: 5 April 2022
Total Gains: 429.3%

I also rewarded myself with a trip to Korea in August 2019. My first time going Korea on my own and it was to watch a K-Pop Concert by Lovelyz.

As such, I have manage to continue investing till now. Which is why i would always be very grateful to Lovelyz and K-Pop. I would also try within my means to support as much as possible.

I believe for everyone , there are different motivations that will keep you going in life. Mistakes will bound to happen in life.  You can be down and out and feeling like giving up, but if you can find the motivations that keep you going, keep your head down and work hard to find out the mistakes you have made and continue to rectify them, things should turn out better. 

Thanks for reading to this post. 

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