Thursday 23 May 2024

More Respect for SG Financial Bloggers / Youtubers

I woke up today thinking about writing some equity related stuff....but a thought suddenly cross my mind that i should write about this.

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Back when i started investing in 2015, the Singapore Youtube Finance space is not developed, we have many of those seminars/courses that people really hated and blogging was the most common thing around (most people would know investment moats from that)

The first time i saw Kyith in real life, i thought i saw the OG Goat of Investing and Finance Writer in Singapore. I feel so excited and anxious actually.

To me, finance/investing is a very tough and complicated thing to teach or share. In fact, even with self-interest, resources are limited and are restricted to books / blogs / paid courses/ free courses. 

As time passes, these days, we have youtubers who spend time and effort to make content but really sometimes i feel they don't get enough credit for what they do. It is ok to not have to thank them but you don't have to go around saying someone is bad just because of a few bad stock picks and all. After all, everyone is just providing a view and nobody can be right as always.

On the other hand, you can't go around and expect everyone to be posting free quality regular content and being a saint right.......

-Consistent Post

-Talking about things people want to know

-Good Content and Delivery

I don't think anyone can do all of the 3 above and yet not ask for any remunerations. 

Unfortunately i am not keen and also unable to do the above 3 which is why i don't venture into videos etc.

Therefore for anyone to insert ads or do any platform placements and all.......i feel that is acceptable.

Whether anyone uses those platforms or not, it is up to the viewers themselves to do their due diligence. It is the same for any views or stocks or financial products which people talk about, those interested in investing or finding out more should do their own due diligence instead of just acting on these videos alone.

Bottom-line is, have more respect for them....


After Covid, we start to have more financial content and providers in the SG Space. The bottom-line is still users need to know which content are suitable for them and do their own research. 

At least more people have access to materials on how to do investing which can be as simple as just buying the CSPX on a regular basis to intermediate stuff like geographical allocations, asset allocations to more complex stuff like evaluating an individual stock.

Investing is for everybody, but the extent to which one does it depends on one's own financial situation, knowledge as well as risk appetite. 

Self Learn and Interest still remains important if one wants to advance in their knowledge, but one should be glad that there are more content around that can prove to value-add at times.

I will probably continue to stick to more K-POP for now

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