Tuesday 14 September 2021

The 10% profit and run game on moomoo (Updated 14 September 2021)

 Disclaimer: Post is not sponsored by moomoo, its just me trying to grow my money after the initial deposit to get the free apple share.

Firstly, i apologize for not updating much these days on the progress as i have decided to leave the stocks in the portfolio running even if it ran up 10%.

(5000 Pacific Basin Shares still holding)
(Added 2000 shares on 17 August 2021 and have divested them all on 14 September 2021)
Did not talked about this as it was adding for fun as i realize i had a few hundred leftover after the adding of Pacific Basin which is the core.

(Current Progress, hoping to be able to keep up the good work with the next pick)

3 Picks on the radar currently

1) Johnson Holdings - Mentioned in previous post .

2) Karrie Intl (1050 HK) - Reasonable decent company but exposure to property could be a right stock in the wrong sector at this point of time.

3) Hyfusin (8512 HK) - Good Growth across quarters. However this is dependent on scented candle demand in Europe and US.

Another consideration

Take profit and spend on a new earbud.


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