Wednesday 3 November 2021

Personal Update (Taking a short break)


I will be taking a break from updating as my favourite k-pop group has disbanded.

Usually at the start of the month, there would be more post. However for this month its highly unlikely there will be.

I will try to update my thoughts on Uni-Asia 3Q Corporate Update if i am feeling much better when the operational update is released.

Have seen the shares drop around 9% today. To be honest i am not feeling anything as most of my pain is towards the disbandment of my favourite group.

(Thanks for the amazing time and memories i had since 2019 March. It accompanied me to walk out of my 2018 depressed state)

(Going Korea in 2019 July was probably the top few decisions i made since 2019.)

(A clip of a song performed during the concert then)

I was much poorer financially then. But i was much happier then than i was now. Sighs such is life. 

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