Friday 7 July 2023

3 Stocks i would consider if suddenly spare money appeared

As a filler post, i would be sharing 3 stocks that are not in my portfolio currently that i would consider if suddenly someone appeared with spare money and asked me to buy something that is not in my portfolio currently.

I have posted them on facebook for easier viewing so i will just attach the hyperlink below.

1) Lam Soon HK (HKEX: 411) Facebook Post can be found here

2) Chu Kong Shipping (HKEX:560) Facebook Post can be found here

3) Baguio Green (Hkex: 1397). Facebook Post can be found here

Ranking them in terms of Balance Sheet, 

1) Lam Soon as it has lots of spare cash

2) Chu Kong Shipping as its cash covers liabilities 

3) Baguio as it has borrowings and current ratio looks dangerous

Ranking them in terms of Earnings Estimation (Self)

1) Baguio as it has contracts on hand 

2) Lam Soon as i strongly believe they have hit the floor in their recent half year results 

3) Chu Kong as they have many segments and have wide earnings volatility

To sum up the 3 companies in terms of the rabbit and turtle race,

Lam Soon - A Grand-Uncle Level Ninja Turtle that just got heavily smacked by a rock but survived

Baguio - A Ninja Turtle that has overtook a rabbit (Johnson Holdings) by showing its quality.

Chu Kong - Rabbits and Turtle mixed together, its hard to tell if it has more rabbit and turtle or not.  Cause if it does well for 1H 2023, its totally understandable and likely on the back of the sea tourism travel between HK, Macau, China. But if it does not, it is likely due to other segments volatility and profitability level has not been reached for its sea tourism.

Time for some non stock related k-pop picture spam...........

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